Professional bodies are keen to engage with the employers in their sector. Employers are ‘at the coal face’ in terms of the profession, and they can assist the professional body in ensuring that professional qualifications and continuing professional development (CPD) requirements are aligned with the needs of the profession as it is experienced in the workplace.

Employing professional body members benefits the employer. Employers can be assured that their employees are undergoing CPD, are signed up to a Code of Conduct, and are subject to disciplinary processes. Membership indicates a commitment to professionalism.

Professional body members endow the employer with the status and respectability that professional body membership conveys to their clients, patients or consumers. Membership can be specified in job advertisements to indicate the standard of candidates sought.

Employers can tie their appraisal systems into the same CPD framework used by the professional body and in some cases can apply to have their in-house training accredited as valid CPD. Find out the basics about CPD on the improving prospects section on our Change Your Profession page, as well as more specific info from the relevant professional body for your industry (if you're not sure which to turn to, search by sector in the Profession Finder).

Employers value professional body membership. Read about the advantages membership can give you, for example members earn 37% more than graduates.

How do employers benefit from having employees who are members of a professional body?

  • staff have a professional qualification
  • demonstrate technical skills to clients
  • ability to attract the best recruits
  • better motivation of staff
  • a structured training framework, which helps staff development
  • support for professional development
  • develop personal and communication skills as well as technical ones

The key word is 'professional' - professionals are men and women who are successful in their careers and who have high levels of knowledge and expertise. Membership of a professional body is a sign to employers, colleagues and clients that your qualities are recognised by your peers. Professional recognition is a visible mark of quality, competence and commitment and is becoming increasingly important as the world becomes more competitive. It helps to create confidence, which, in turn fosters better business relationships.

  • Membership of a professional body shows a level of early commitment to a career area.
  • Staff get regular news updates, and many professional institutions disseminate key information and knowledge through publications and journals, online services and events.
  • Membership provides  opportunities to meet and network with other experienced professionals through special interest groups, regional branch activities and student-focused services.
  • Professional bodies work to represent all their members' interests in their relationship with the media and the government.

For further information on the professional bodies in your sector check out Career Sectors or look at the professional bodies in Profession Finder.