Healthcare offers you rewarding and varied work caring for people and improving their health. While it takes a fair amount of training a healthcare profession will be worthwhile in terms of job satisfaction, salary and the ability to relocate almost anywhere.

Allied health professionals (AHPs) are health professionals, such as physiotherapists and radiographers, who aren't doctors, nurses or dentists.

Ambulance drivers, call handlers and paramedics are the team of people are behind those sirens, who care for ill and injured people before they reach hospital.
Complementary and alternative therapists include acupuncturists, reflexologists and hypnotherapists.
Dental professionals - as well as the dentists who lead this team, there are opportunities for dental nurses, dental hygienists, dental therapists and dental technologists.
Healthcare scientists include researchers and pharmacists.
Mental health practitioners care for people with emotional and psychological problems, and include psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors
Nurses and midwives work in hospitals, health centres and the community to support the work of doctors and meet the needs of their patients.

Other healthcare roles:

  • Clinical support staff
  • Environmental health
  • Healthcare management
  • Regulatory affairs

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