Do you know what your dream job is and how you can get it?

For school or college students and leavers this is the place to find information, advice, articles, and links to other resources to inspire you to achieve your dream career.

Whatever your age, this site will help you plan for your future. It's good to start thinking early and we're here to help you do that.

Not sure which job would suit you? 

Explore the many careers on offer in our Career Sectors. Once you have found a sector that appeals to you, go to Profession Finder and select the sector from the drop-down list. You’ll see several professional bodies listed, and by clicking on the name of the professional body you’ll find out more about what they offer.

The career sectors also provide information on what it is like to work in these sectors, how much you might earn and how you can qualify. Our Case Studies and Career Videos will also help you get a feel for particular professions.

This site will help you understand the qualifications required for the career of your dreams.

Don’t want to go to university? We help you explore alternative routes into the professions.

Don't forget to go and see the careers adviser at your school or college who is the best person to give you individual advice about your career choices.

7-11 Year Olds

If you're 7-11 years old, we have some things to get you thinking about what you might like to do as a career one day like:

  • What's your favourite subject?
  • What do you enjoy?
  • What jobs are there?

12-16 Year Olds

If you are 12-16 years old, look at our section for you where we have advice about:

  • GCSEs
  • all the things you can do after you finish your GCSEs.

Post 16 Year Olds

Post 16? Not sure what's the right career path for you? We have information and advice about what options are open to you including:

  • AS/A Levels
  • further education
  • university
  • work
  • apprenticeships
  • gap year

For Parents

School and college leavers have so many options open to them they can be difficult to keep track of. Our For Parents section directs you to all the information you'll need to understand what options are available to your sons and daughters and allow you to help them make the right decision.