What options are there if my child is not interested in university?

University isn’t the only way to become a successful professional. In fact, many of today’s professionals have ‘accidental careers’ – rather than setting out on a specific career path, they have stumbled upon their ideal profession through various work experience. In our case studies section you can find real life examples of professionals who have followed unusual career paths, and inspire your child to consider careers he/she has never dreamed of.

In this section we look at different ways to enter into a profession, including non-academic and vocational routes, and provide links to helpful resources for those of you with children who aren't interested in following traditional routes.

There are many routes to a profession which do not involve expensive university fees, if this is a concern for your family or if your child does not want to go to university. We explore these routes, sector by sector, in our careers advisers section: Non-academic and vocational routes.