As a parent you will want your child to get the most out of their work experience. This section provides some information and links to sources of further information on work experience. Work experience is good way to improve a CV, to gain experience and to help your child decide what they might like to do.

Basically work experience is a period of time that a young person, especially a student, spends working in a company as a form of training; a short unpaid period of time at a workplace, to gain experience of a working environment or a period (usually one or two weeks) of unpaid work undertaken by secondary school students as part of their careers education. The National Council for Work Experience promotes, supports and develops quality work experience placements. They provide general information, advice and guidance. There is specific advice for 15 – 18 year olds with useful links to other sources of information.

  • Our page on work placements and internships gives detailed listings of general organisations that offer guidance but also organisations that offer placements in specific sectors.

You will find specific advice for parents at HSE's pages for parents and carers. Many schools produce their own guide so it is worth checking with your child’s school.

Below we also list some further organisations relevant to work experience placements:

  • has developed innovative approaches to teaching and learning in the areas of work related learning and enterprise education. It provides a guide for teachers and information and tips for students.
  • The National Careers Service also offers a wealth of information on work experience.
  • Trident from Edexcel aims to help learners gain real-life experience through interesting and relevant work experience. They provide a choice of placements across a wide range of employers. All their work placements undergo a health and safety assessment so that learners have a safe working environment. The Placement Survival Guide on their Health & Safety Website is designed to raise students' awareness before starting work experience whilst allowing teachers to track the progress of their students.
  • Young Enterprise offers seven exciting interactive programmes for secondary school, which lets school students experience for themselves how business works. They cover various subjects from setting up a business to world trade and just about everything in between!