Thought about what to do after school? Planning to continue your studies? This section offers information and resources to help you apply to and survive life at university.

University is a brilliant opportunity to learn new things, meet new people and have great time too! If you’re not sure what to study, have a look at some of our sources for information on what courses are available, what you’ll get out of them and how they will help you embark on a career in the professions. The Guardian provides information on degree courses and a list of all universities. The Complete University Guide also offers good advice.

You will also find specific information on why chose a ...

An Internet search will point you to lots of other information on other specific degrees and most university websites provide information on their degree courses and where they might take you in the job market.

Got a career in mind? Or just want to see what’s available? Check out Profession Finder for information from the professional bodies who represent the professions. The Sector Summary pages provide advice on what qualifications you need.

Wonder what it will be like at University? In our School advisors section we have information on HE Tasters and summer schools to enable to experience it for yourself.

Worried about finances? Take a look at the Brightside Student Calculator to help you work out how you will manage your money. 

Also the following resources will help you understand the process and give you essential information about universities:

  • Pure Potential provides information on key areas and important decisions where you might offer advice, helping tens of thousands of bright, state-educated students with their journey through student finance, UCAS forms and career choices.
  • Push provides a light-hearted, but very useful guide to every university in the UK. They provide information on getting into university and tell you how to make your application shine and use (and abuse) the system to get the edge on getting in. They also provide very useful information on student life.
  • UCAS provides information explaining higher education and the application process.