Before choosing a course for further study, there are several questions you should ask yourself:

  • Which institutions have a good reputation in my field?
  • What skills are my employers looking for, and which courses will help me to obtain them?
  • Is it important to me where the university is located (e.g. what cultural/leisure opportunities are available in the city)? 
  • How much am I willing to pay, and what opportunities are there for additional funding?
  • Do I want a broad (e.g. English) or specialised (e.g. Modern American Literature) course? 
  • Does the school’s department offer a supervisor in the area I’m interested in? 
  • Am I interested in UK schools only or would I like to study abroad? What benefits would it bring to do my studies outside the UK?

Websites that can help you to answer these questions:

Found a university you’re interested in? To find out how this university stacks up to other universities in your subject area, check out the Times Good University Guide.

Most universities will have detailed information on their websites about what their course offers and how to apply. It's also worth contacting the relevant departments at the universities you are interested in, and their careers services, for individualised advice and potential funding sources.

If you’re interested in pursuing your studies abroad, check out our information on International Study.

Chosen a course but not sure how to pay for it? Our Funding section offers advice on what opportunities are out there. We also provide sector-specific funding advice.