Thinking about studying abroad? Here you will find sources of information and guidance that can help you make this happen.

There are many reasons to take your studies outside the UK, which you may do for the whole degree or just part of it. By studying in another country, you can:

  • discover a different culture
  • learn or improve a foreign language
  • access unique subject areas not available in the UK
  • improve your job prospects by adding something to your CV that makes you stand out

International study can also open the door to working in a foreign country and help you to obtain a work visa. Our International Volunteering and Work page can give you an idea of what opportunities are out there.

Below we point you in the direction of some organisations that can help you on your way to studying abroad. If you are already at uni, speak to your department about opportunities, and if you are deciding where and what to study, consider a degree programme that allows a year abroad for example American Studies, or a language based course.


  • Degrees Ahead offers a wealth of information and advice for students thinking about studying abroad. 
  • Interested in studying abroad but prefer to stay in an EU country? The Erasmus programme offers opportunities for you to undertake part of your degree in another EU country.
  • GSE offers summer, quarter, semester, and year-long study abroad programs in Europe, Australia, and South America. Expand your college education by studying in Barcelona, Granada, Madrid, Paris, Florence, Rome, London, Sydney, Guadalajara, and Buenos Aires.  
  • provides free university and college advice for students worldwide who are considering studying abroad for an international education. 
  • The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) offers practical information for UK students looking to study abroad.
  • The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) offers information on how your previous studies will be recognised in a foreign country. UNESCO provide a international guide to higher-education study opportunities and scholarships offered by higher education institutions and international organizations in 129 countries.
  • Find U.S. based colleges and institutions that provide online education programmes with the Accredited Online Colleges and Schools site - there may be international study opportunities without travel and its associated costs (however you may be able to find funding for studying abroad - see below).

Financing international studies is a serious concern for many prospective students. International offers information on funding study abroad. The Leverhulme Trust offers grants for students wishing to study abroad.